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In 2011, Tory ran the  ING New York Marathon!!!!  The biggest marathon in the world.  120,000 people apply to run the five bridges and five boroughs race.  49,000 get in.  Thanks to her partnership with the Jodi Lee Foundation, she was one of those 49,000. She ran from Staten Island, through Brooklyn and Queens, into Manhatten, through the Bronx, back to Manhatten and finished in Central Park, 42.195 km later.  She didn't walk.  She promised us that 2 years ago.

She raised almost $11 000 for the Jodi Lee Foundation to help them promote Bowel Cancer awareness, screening, education and research.  She did her screening test - have you done yours?  It's easy, painless, quick, cheap, and not as gross as you'd think.  Do it today.  And once a year from when you turn 40.  

Although Tory was not yet 40, this learning to run caper did grow on her.  She is inspiring patients and colleagues at work to run, and Facebook friends are setting goals and achieving them.  They are all losing weight, getting fitter, and finding a happiness in being fitter.  

Tory's goal now, in 2014, is to continue to run a marathon on each of the 7 continents.  North America was first.  China and the Great Wall will happened in May 2012.  August 2012 saw the home town marathon - Adelaide - for continent #3.  2013 saw Africa with the Kilimanjaro marathon in March, and Amsterdam was continent #5 in Europe in October 2013.  March 2014 Antarctica with a first female over the line result (5th overall!).  The Caracas marathon was to have been marathon #6 in February 2014, but the polital situation there meant that the race was cancelled 5 days before the event.  Finally, life and opportunity have come together well so the Easter Island marathon on June 2 2019 will represent continent #7, being governed by Chile.  These trips and adventures are entirely self funded.  But she is continuing to support the Jodi Lee Foundation, and raise awareness for bowel cancer screening.

 And that is where you can help.  Follow the screening links and order a test for yourself, for you partner.  Consider a workplace screening drive.  The Jodi Lee Foundation can help you with more information.  And consider donating to the foundation so they can continue their work. Your tax deductible donation is easy to do.  Click on the link, which will take you directly to the Jodi Lee Foundation site and their secure server for a credit card donation.

You will receive a tax deductible receipt in your name, and your donation goes directly to the Foundation.  It is merely marked against Tory’s name, so the Foundation can track how much is donated by her and her supporters.

Click on this link to donate by then pressing the 'donate now' button.


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This weeks links

The Cancer Council came out this week and announced that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption, and that alcohol should be considered to be as carcinogenic as smoking and asbestos are.  As well as being highly associated with throat and mouth cancers, it is now found to correlate highly with breast and bowel cancers.  Perhaps it should not be so surprising that a substance that can so alter mood and ability, even at very mild levels should turn out to be in fact, not good for us.

This story, an editorial from the British Journal of Sports Medicine earlier this year has some amazing targets - it ties in with our look at sitting and health, and is about developing healthcare systems that support exercise - recognise it as being as vital a measure of our health as is blood sugar levels or blood pressure.  It recommends 150 minutes of physical activity per week for adults as a minimum.  30 mins on 5 days.  For children, it is 420 mins / week - 60 minutes every day.  How close are you?

This is another article on inactivity / obesity and health from Sports Medicine Australia, highlighting the link between an inactive childhood and a lifetime of battling depression.  It is food for thought (!) these days where there seems to be much paranoia about safety of children away from their parents watchful eyes, and therefore a tendency to want to keep them closely under watch instead of encouraging more activity and indeed risk taking behaviours.  The ability to judge situations for risk and to be able to take appropriate risks builds self esteem and resilience.  Not much to do with bowel cancer awareness, but close to my heart as well.

Another article on sitting

This one is in really simple terms - if you walk 30 mins (as recommended) and sleep 8 hours, most of us still have 15.5 hours per day not moving.  You cannot sit all day behind a screen, then drive your car and sit and watch tv with out it being bad for you.  A good read.