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Vital Core Physiotherapy

As a physiotherapist in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, via her practice Vital Core Physiotherapy, Tory strives to help her clients understand how they can help themselves.  With a strong focus on rehabilitation, specific exercise, education and empowerment, Tory achieves long term results by teaching people how to help themselves and manage their condition long term.  Of particular interest to Tory is helping women in the child bearing year – managing pregnancy pain with education, exercise, lifestyle advice and hands on treatment.  She is also interested in the role of posture in both prevention and management of neck, shoulder and back dysfunction. Tory is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Sports Physiotherapy Australia, Acupuncture and Dry Needling Group of the APA, Continence Foundation of Australia and Sports Medicine Australia and has provided physio services to the SA Sports Institute Baseball Program since 2001.  She is on the committee for Continence & Women’s Health Australia, SA branch and is a member of the Pelvic Instability Association.


Lawrence Photography and Design

A big thanks to Charlie at Lawrence Photography and Design. My partner and also a very talented local designer / photographer. Charlie was responsible for this website design, and many of the photos you see in the galleries. Visit his work at Lawrence Photography.


My Sponsors:


In 2013, I am continuing to spread the word, write my blog, talk to people about bowel cancer, and improving your life through exercise.  Thank you to Doug, Sarah, Deanne, Sarah, Heidi and Ana - your support means so much to me and to the Foundation.

To kick off 2012, thank you for your donations: Yogafusion, Meegan, and Nick. 

A big thank you to those who have donated money in 2011:  My mum, Vern, Erica, Rach, Amanda, Kelly, Pooja, Joy, Mike, Flynny, Michelle, Gil and Keri, Adrienne, Mel, Dad, Sue, Steve, Vicki, Mary and Denis, Michelle, Angela, Kat, Nina, Nicole, Block, Sonia, Chris, Harvey, Anna, Steph, Michael, Iris, Pedram, Godfrey, Allyson, Karrie C, Judy, Chris, David, Kate, Nama, Mandi, David, Suzy, Gabrielle, Jo, Briony, Nicholls Gervasi, Susan, James, Marlene, Beck, Kath, Sally-Anne, Colin, Peter, Heather, Anna, Cath, Jack, Sandy, Barb, Camilla, Nic, Meg and Eyre Sports Physio.

Enjo Night

We had a great night on Tuesday 21st September with Sonya Morris from Enjo telling a group of us about the clever fibres that Enjo have developed and how we can keep our homes and workplaces clean without using chemicals.  As a fundraiser, it was a very sucessful evening as well, with over $800 raised for the Jodi Lee Foundation, including Sonya's demonstrator commission.  Thank you so much to Sonya for her support!  If you ever need any Enjo products, please contact Sonya on 0433 479 882

Raffle prizes!!

Into the last couple of months of fundraising and training, and I have been donated some amazing prizes to raffle off.

1st Prize - 2 nights at The Miners Cottage Bed and Breakfast on 37 acres at Cockatoo Valley - value $440

 2nd prize - 1 night for 2 people in a Spa Suite at The Highlander Hotel, includes LCD TV, continental breakfast and a bubbly spa - value $150

Prizes 3 – 8: Your choice of one of 3 Pilates training package from Inside Out Health Studios  - 3x Private sessions,  6x small group sessions or 6x group personal training sessions - value $ 100 each


A Fox Creek wine pack (2 available) consisting of 2 x Vixen (Sparkling Shiraz, Cab Sav, Cab Franc), 1x Chardonnay 2007, 1x Verdelho 2010 - value $95

9th Prize - 'Little Vili's' pack of 2 x 16 small pies, pasties or sausage rolls of your choice - value $24

Tickets will be drawn at Vital Core Physiotherapy on October 14th - please contact me for tickets!!


Diamonds and Drinks night

On June 28th I hosted an evening at Everett Brookes Jewellers.  I would like to loudly and gratefully thank those that have made this possible - To Ian, David and Mike at Everett Brookes for the idea, the venue, the drinks and nibbles, the entertainment and a raffle prize.  Thank you.

To my donors of other prizes - thank you for your generosity and support - Taboo Haircutters (who look after my hair so beautifully) of Melbourne St, North Adelaide.  Taboo have donated a wash, cut and colour package, worth $116.

Contours Face and Body Clinic of Fullarton Road Norwood have donated a lovely treat of a Hollywood Woman's Package for the raffle.

Life Personal Training and Tanya Lewis have generously donated 3 personal training sessions.  Tanya is one of Adelaide's best nutritionists and Life PT offer fantastic training services.

lululemon athletica are new to Adelaide, but I have been wearing this fantastic Canadian companies yoga and running gear for 4 years - since my sister Erica introduced me to their gear.  Awesome product, great company philosophy, and I have been attending their complimentary yoga and pilates classes at their Adelaide store whenever I can.  If you are not in Adelaide, look up your local store!

The night was a great success, raising $930 including the raffle.  Thank you to all who helped, bought tickets, spread the word - I couldn't do it with out you!!



Team Trampoline 239 The Parade, Norwood (cnr Portrush Rd and The Parade) 0458 426 533

From 1- 4pm come and have a jump on the competition grade equipment with expert supervision and tips from Brian at Team Trampoline.  Kids and adults can all have a turn - upto 30 people in the room at once.

Charlie will be busy on the sausage sizzle, and we will have soft drinks and gourmet cupcakes available for sale to keep your energy levels up!

Only $5 entry, must wear clean socks to jump.

Please contact me via this page if you would like to come along - this will help us with catering.

All proceeds will go to the Jodi Lee Foundation, contributing towards my $10 000 target to raise awareness for bowel cancer screening.  My marathon training is on track, still working mainly on leg speed and about to start the longer km's to build further endurance.  150 days to go as of today!!

I have had great support in putting this day together - Karen has contacted parents at both her kids schools, and I have been working the crowd at my kids schools as well as at work, so I expect there will be quite a crowd there I don't know.

My Mum has been working her contacts, so Walkerville Meat Store have donated the sausages and Bakers Delight North Adelaide have donated the bread for the sausage sizzle.  Foodland Kensington Park have donated drinks, sauce and serviettes and I have received a good deal for the cupcakes on sale.  It is shaping up to be a fun afternoon!!

We had a great time at Team Trampoline, raising $513 for the Jodi Lee Foundation.  Thank you to all the families who came out for some fun on Sunday!!




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Health News

This weeks links

The Cancer Council came out this week and announced that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption, and that alcohol should be considered to be as carcinogenic as smoking and asbestos are.  As well as being highly associated with throat and mouth cancers, it is now found to correlate highly with breast and bowel cancers.  Perhaps it should not be so surprising that a substance that can so alter mood and ability, even at very mild levels should turn out to be in fact, not good for us.

This story, an editorial from the British Journal of Sports Medicine earlier this year has some amazing targets - it ties in with our look at sitting and health, and is about developing healthcare systems that support exercise - recognise it as being as vital a measure of our health as is blood sugar levels or blood pressure.  It recommends 150 minutes of physical activity per week for adults as a minimum.  30 mins on 5 days.  For children, it is 420 mins / week - 60 minutes every day.  How close are you?

This is another article on inactivity / obesity and health from Sports Medicine Australia, highlighting the link between an inactive childhood and a lifetime of battling depression.  It is food for thought (!) these days where there seems to be much paranoia about safety of children away from their parents watchful eyes, and therefore a tendency to want to keep them closely under watch instead of encouraging more activity and indeed risk taking behaviours.  The ability to judge situations for risk and to be able to take appropriate risks builds self esteem and resilience.  Not much to do with bowel cancer awareness, but close to my heart as well.

Another article on sitting

This one is in really simple terms - if you walk 30 mins (as recommended) and sleep 8 hours, most of us still have 15.5 hours per day not moving.  You cannot sit all day behind a screen, then drive your car and sit and watch tv with out it being bad for you.  A good read.